Notary Services Offered

Remote Online Notarizations

What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Online Notarization Is notarizing documents through audiovisual technology. Documents are notarized in electronic form, which utilizes electronic signatures by the notary and signer. The notary uses an electronic signature and seals to notarize documents. 

Why should you use the Remote Online Notarization option?

✅ Anywhere, Anytime: Accessible 24/7.

✅ Swift & Secure 

✅ Legal Validity: RON notarizations are legally recognized in most states, providing the same legal validity as traditional notarizations.

✅ Document Variety: A wide range of documents can be notarized online; real estate transactions,  legal contracts, affidavits, and more. 

Mobile Notary Service

Choosing a mobile notary service offers several advantages, making it a convenient and efficient option for individuals and businesses. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose a mobile notary:

Choosing a mobile notary service offers the convenience, flexibility, and expertise needed to meet your notarization needs in a way that best suits your schedule and location. Whether for personal or business documents, a mobile notary can streamline the process and provide peace of mind.

Real Estate Documents/Loan Packages

 Your Trusted Loan Signing Agent: Making Your Mortgage Process Smooth! 

 Why Choose Nita Notary as Your Loan Signing Agent?  

✅ Expertise: With years of experience, I specialize in handling loan documents, ensuring every signature and initial is executed accurately and flawlessly. 

✅ Convenience: I come to your client, whether they are home, office, or a location of choice, at a time that suits your client's schedule – day, evening, or weekend!

✅ Precision: I understand the importance of precision in loan document signings. I meticulously review each page, guiding your client through the process and ensuring compliance with all requirements. 

✅ Comprehensive Services: I handle many loan documents, including purchases, refinances, HELOCs, reverse mortgages, and more.

Types of Documents We Expertly Handle 

📄 Mortgage Agreements 📃 Promissory Notes 📑 Deeds of Trust 📋 Closing Disclosure Forms 📝 Loan Applications 📜 Title Documents 🖋️ And Many More!

Non-Notarial Services

Witness Service

I-9 Employment Eligibility (non-notarial)